[October 17, 2006]

Tonight I tackled the tie down bracket for the left side. The right side turned out OK, but when I looked closer, one of the bolts didn't go through. So I cleaned out the hole a little and it fixed it. I wanted to know why this happened, and it hit me that the cleco doesn't hold the tie down bracket exactly perfectly centered. When using the bolts in the #12 hole, the fit is like a glove. For the left side I used the bolts instead of the cleco and it worked out very well.

Next I drilled the rivet holes for the nutplates. My technique is illustrated in the pics below. Finally, I countersunk the rear side of the standoff brackets for a #40 hole.

Next was onto the rear spar. I got done deburring the edges of some of the rear spar pieces.

This is the best way that I could figure to get the tie down bracket square. Any other way lead to some error.

All the bolts in place for the left tiedown bracket

I raised spars with some scrap 2x4's so I could get clamps on.

I drew some lines through the center holes of the holes needing nutplates to make them somewhat lined up with the edge -- not that it matters, but it took 2 seconds.

I used a screw to hold the nutplate in place. I put a bolt in the other side also for alignment

I clamped the spacer to the tie down bracket.

Once the nutplate was aligned, I clamped it down. and drilled it to #40.

All of the nutplate holes drilled.

Rear of the standoff's countersunk. The rivet sits flush against the spar.

Now onto the rear spar.



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