[November 28, 2010]

The weather today was perfect for flying. I plugged in the Reiff preheat system last night around 10pm, and not its about 11am. So 13 hours on, and I think the temps last night were in the high 30's in the hangar. With the cowl off, the oil temp sensor was at 71 degrees and the CHT's were around 50 degrees. Once I fired up the engine, the oil temp jumped quickly to 85 degrees. I am guessing it was from the warm oil in the sump getting to the oil temp sensor quickly.

I temporarily secured the wires to the heating pads to the throttle cable for todays flight.

Nice economy crusing here. 131 Kts burning 7.8 GPH. The oil temps were low today. Around 150-160 degrees. I will have to install some sort of a blocker to my oil cooler to keep the temps up to at least 180.

KHGR (Hagerstown, MD) airport here off to my right.

Flew over Ski Whitetail.

I landed at York Airport (KTHV) after 1.75 in the air and had a quick lunch. This is the first time I have landed my RV at another airport other than KDMW.

Back up again cruising around.

I leaned the mixture back to 7.4 GPH at 21" and 2400 RPM.Not bad - getting 19.7 GPH.

After I landed I saw a group of geese heading north? Hopefully they figure out its colder in that direction.

Nice sunset.

I finished up today by gluing the thermostat onto the bottom of the sump, about 3" away from the heating pads (Reiff's instructions). I can hopefully finish up this pre-heater installation one night this week. Great day with 3 inexpensive hours on the hobbs!



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