[June 5, 2023]

As part of this annual inspection, I complied with the inspection specified in SB-00036 for the potential for cracks in the outboard elevator attachment on the horizontal stabilizer. In order to perform an inspection, there is a tooling hole which needs to be enlarged on the outboard rib of the horizontal stabilizer. However, to get to it with a unibit to enlarge it, the elevator needed to be detached. I was able to leave just the elevator horn-to-pushrod bolt in place to slightly move the elevator out of the way. It didn't really save a whole lot other than not needing to remove one bolt.

Here is the tooling hole.

And enlarged to 7/16" to accommodate a borescope.

The annual was pretty much a non-event this year - nothing major found. Some bolts that needed a 1/2 turn here and there, but for the most part it was an easy one. I only put on about 70 hours between 2022-23 (shame on me), so not much was to be found.

I performed a runup and a quick test flight and N987MB's good to go for another year!



Last Modified: August 13, 2023