[June 12, 2022]

My hangar neighbor turned me onto using a 1" EMT knockout seal to make an easy hole to fill the tires with air without removing the wheelpants. the diameter hole needed for a 1" EMT knockout seal is 1 3/8", so I marked where the valve stem would be centered and added a hole to the front wheel pants.

And here it is with the knockout seal in place. These are available at Home Depot or Lowes for about a buck or two. I was a little disappointed with the fit - it is very loose in the hole. I will have to figure out something to keep it tighter as it doesn't have a whole lot to grip onto with just the thin wheelpants fiberglass.

My upper intersection fairings have been getting loser and loser in the front, and I think it is contributing to some drag. So I added a nutplate to the inside of the cowling.

Wow, the intersection fairing is much tighter against the cowling, and the hardware is still concealed.

So I looked for a while for tubing that had a 1 3/8" inner diameter for the EMT knockout cover to fit against. A 1" PVC coupler is 1.25" ID, so I drilled it out with a 1 3/8" hole saw.

I sliced the PVC coupler to 3/8" thick. The EMT punchout cover only needs about 1/4" of material to grab onto.

Finally tonight I fiber-glassed the PVC to the inside of the wheelpants. I have high hopes for this working well for me!



Last Modified: August 13, 2023