[May 23, 2021]

I put in some serious time at the hangar today and completed the annual inspection. While nothing was seeming wrong with my injectors, I decided to take them out this annual and clean them. Their external appearance was not looking all that great.

The Lycoming service bulletin says to use Hoppe's #9 gun cleaner and soak the injectors for 20 minutes each.

I did a quick test with a pill bottle to see if the Hoppe's solvent was strong enough to eat through the plastic - answer is no! These little bottles worked perfect to keep the injectors separated by cylinder.

After 20 minutes a definite "fog" of dirt appeared at the bottom of the container.

I cleaned the injectors off with carb cleaner, and then blew them out with compressed air. They look 10,000% better than before!

I reinstalled them at 60 in-lbs, and then rotating them so the punched letter is at the down-most position.

Not airplane related, but I think my college fridge was in need of a much needed thaw! This guy just turned 25 this years.

I continued on with the annual. Nothing really notable was found except for the front lower spar to engine mounts would not tighten on the front-most bolt. The bolts are either too long, or not enough washers are called out. Since these bolts are in sheer, I decided a shorter bolt wasn't really ideal, as the threaded portion would be in contact with the aluminum longeron, and for a sheer application, that was not ideal. The nut did not want to unscrew, so I needed to drill it out. Not really all that hard, I started with a #30 hole, and then stepped it up ta #20 and it popped right off.

The test runup and following test flight went off without a hitch! Good to go for another year!



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