[May 16, 2021]

I started off my 2021 annual with a quick flight to warm up the oil temps. With the engine warm, I performed a compression check and I am extremely happy with the numbers - 76/78/75/77.

I continued with my inspection checklist while the engine cooled down. Once at a reasonable temperature, I pulled the oil screen. I was a bit alarmed at first with the debris found in it, but under closer inspection, it was non-ferrous, and also not metal. All of it could be easily cut with a blade. This has to be the excess Permatex sealant I used on the oil sump a few years ago.

Below are the borescope pictures of the valves

#1 Exhaust

#1 Intake

#2 Exhaust

#2 Intake

#3 Exhaust

#3 Intake

#4 Exhaust

#4 Intake



Last Modified: August 13, 2023