[February 28, 2020]

Time for another party to go to in Plymouth, MA. I find each time I go up there I make more and more friends. Even some of those Cirrus pilot type friends.... Trip up was a piece of cake.

Weather was very nice. Some slight snow squalls to the south. Other than that, nice clear blue skies.

Tailwinds were fabulous, so I went high above the clouds.

55 kts at 11.5. Chilly up high, -2 degrees F.

I am clearly a happy camper.

NYC clear as clear can be through the clouds.

221 kts across the ground. Made it to KPYM in 1.6 hours.

Not too many people up here with me. Saw this commercial airliner over the Long Island sound.

This is the best tailwind I saw - 57 kts. Check out my MPG - 29.2!

Trip was all worth it! Had a great time with my KPYM friends and sucked back a few suds in the process. Trip home on Monday wasn't nearly as exciting. 2.6 hours, which is a little quicker than it usually is!



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