[April 5, 2019]

Tired of all of the AirCam pics I've posted on this site? Well get used to it. AirCam released their Gen-3 Fuselage this week which incorporated a legal 3rd seat(http://www.aircam.com/media-and-news/news/aircam-news/more-power-and-capacity-strengthened-fuselage-components-third-seat). On top of that they increased their gross weight from 1680lbs by 220lbs 2to 1900lbs when combined with the 100HP to 115HP conversion kits to the Rotax 912ULS engine by Ronnie Smith (https://www.flysmla.com. The AirCam guys were so impressed with my new knowledge I got "Golden Ticket" to get a ride around the pattern.

Clearly I didn't have any fun and am NOT considering this as my next build.

The XP-82 was definitely the highlight of the show. If you look at the pitch of the propellers you will notice these two Merlin powered bug swatters are counter-rotating.

I ran through the four vendor hangars seeing mostly the same thing. I ran across IFD-NET (http://www.ifd-net.com/) booth which had some interesting 3 1/8" and 2.25" instruments.

IFD-NET's solution had a lot of bang for the buck - each of these are less than $1,000. More information here: IFD-NET Brochure.pdf.

What really interested me is the fun device to the left. FULL SIZED 3.125" EVO instrument with an AMAZING display. The AHRS was really incredible....I lost in my challenge to make it tumble. More info here: IFD-NET EVO Brochure.pdf.

It's not every day you wake up to your hangar neighbor being featured on the front page of your local favorite magazine. His build it the highest quality I have ever seen and he is the nicest guy I have ever met. Except he took off yesterday because he is a scaredy cat of the weather on Saturday!

Homebuilt Camping (HBC) had an amazing view of the Blue Angels portion of the airshow. Plus the beverages were priced right!

I am an man on the move at SNF as I bounce from one social engagement to another. However these two beautiful sisters representing Heavens Landing caught me in a rare moment of free time (and weakness) I had and insisted on a photo.

My vendor friends wanted to bust out of SNF and head off to a fun beer location - Brew Hub! Whilst the bottle caps on the side of this lovely establishment stand out, take a look at the beer bottle integrated into the left side the the building! The Cuban sandwich from the foodtruck here was the best I've had. Beer and service was incredible too. But damn...that Cuban....

My massive media conglomerate at SNF includes many phenomenal photographers. I was lucky enough to have exclusive rights to Andre Todd's (of http://www.aerotronics.com/) great shots below!



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