[August 29, 2018]

I wasn't planning on flying today, but on VansAirForce.com, a set of 4870/4871 Magnetos were listed for $400/pair, and they were local in Fredericksburg, VA. Now, that's a 3 hour drive in rush hour each way, or else a 45 minutes RV flight. Guess what I chose??? It has been very hot here in MD over the past few days. When I pulled the airplane out, the OAT was 94, and the oil temps were already at 102, with the CHT/EGT's in the mid 90's. Yup..it was hot.

And with the heat came the haze. Looking east, away from the sun, it was pretty. Into the sun, however, was very hazy. I went around the DC airspace to the west on the way there. I had a bit of a headwind, between 10-20 kts, the entire way.

I met the seller and the mags were exactly as advertised. Loaded up with the goods, and my checkbook lighter, I decided to round the DC airspace to the east and make a complete loop. It was a little longer by 15 minutes or so, but I was hoping to get some good views of the sunset over the Chesapeake Bay. I was greeted with a 18 kts tailwind almost the entire way!

Sunset over the Potomac River

Google Photos was nice enough to automatically "stylize" this one photo. Well done, Google!

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant - the only nuclear plant in MD. Fun fact - my Grandfather helped design this plant.

Poplar Island

Over Kent Island with the Severn and South rivers in the distance. Annapolis is on the peninsula between the rivers.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

I transitioned through KMTN's airspace and captured this shot of downtown Baltimore.

And the bounty! Two mags in seemingly extremely good condition! They were bought in the late 90's and have 500 hours on them. The owner converted his RV4's ignition to PMAGs. Awesome unexpected flight and new goodies procured!



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