[August 17, 2018]

While my trip to Buffalo, NY got scrubbed on my way back from Oshkosh, my friends were quick to invite me for a proper Friday night bash 3 weeks later. The weather was a little challenging with thunderstorms and low ceilings throughout PA and south-west NY.

The visibility was terrible out of KDMW. While totally VFR conditions, there was some serious haze to the liking I've never experience before. Probably a good indication of why KGAI went IFR earlier today due to vis.

So much to love about this EFIS snap. 7.4 GPH at 24^2, and an 11 kts push on the caboose.

The not so amazing part....dancing around summer afternoon storms.

ADS-B weather is just the cats-ass. Makes cross countries which I previously would of never contemplated a thing.

Almost there! Just one last line of storms to make it through.

Not the prettiest track ever known, but that seems to be the theme to this years flying. Weather has been absolutely dismal.

And this makes it all worthwhile. Drinking Genesee and listening to some Rush LP's with my college buddy and his awesome girlfriend.

Oh man, what a whirlwind night in Buffalo. It came time to head home to another challenging weather flight.

Cya Buffalo, you DID NOT disappoint!

The purple line represents the direct flight path between 9G0 and KDMW. It looked as if there was a hole in the weather I might be able to sneak through.

All good here. Looks to be blue to the east.

And long story short, the ceiling was way too low to make it through VFR. I diverted west around Altoona, PA. Sometimes diversions happen for a reason - I never knew this reservoir existed - Raystown Lake Recreation Area. Full of camping sites and near KAOO. This is on the short list!!!

Boating, camping, and a local airport. Why haven't I heard about this place before???

I was convinced I would need to wait out this line of thunderstorms on the way home. Slow moving, dumping a bunch of rain and seemed solid. So close to home!!!

Why what's that in the distance...looks like a hole not represented on ADS-B radar!

Sure is! Heavy rain on either side, but this hole is solid.

The weather around KDMW was VFR but deteriorating quickly. I was able to set the girl down at KDMW about 5 minutes before a downpour started and the field went IFR. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good! Another utterly outstanding trip in the RV. I've said it before and I'll say it again...the best decision I've ever made in my life has been to build this incredible machine.



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