[January 21, 2018]

In late November I ordered a Garmin G5 from Stark Avionics (BEST PRICES IN TOWN!). It took a while to receive the unit - I didn't get it until around Christmas time due to the backlog of orders from Garmin. While I would of loved to run out to the hangar to install this goodie, the 2 weeks of subfreezing temperatures was quite the deterrent. Today, however, it was in the mid 50's and everyone was walking around the airport in t-shirts. I decided today was the day to install this new toy. The mounting bracket looks quite minimal, much like by Speedo bathing suit....

It took longer to remove the blank covering this hole than it did to install the installation bracket.

And a few moments later, I had the G5 mounted. I must of been a genius when I cut my panel 10 years ago, because the G5 fit just perfectly under the GRT EFIS. Another 0.1", and it would of been time to break out the file!

I previously had wiring in place for the TruTrak Gemini which used to be here - 2 power cables and a ground. 3 wires, a pitot/static connection and I was off to the races! I took her for a quick spin and everything seemed to be functioning just fine. The only issue I ran into was the unit lost GPS reception when I was in a steep turn. It has the ability to connect to an external GPS receiver through a BNC connector on it's back. If I would connect it to an external antenna, it would be through my GPS splitter. I would rather not do that as I like this unit being completely independent of everything else on board. Going through the GPS splitter would potentially create a dependency on another device for this backup PFD to operate. I would like to keep it as isolated as possibly. I also opted for the optional backup battery. When I turn it on, it indicates I have over 4 hours of usability!

So far, very happy with the G5.



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