[April 2, 2017]

I put in A LOT of time into the annual this weekend - pretty much two long days in order to get it wrapped up before I left for Sun 'n Fun. I was under the gun as tomorrow morning my plan is to get down to sunny FL due to weather making it more difficult to do so later in the week.

This is my original setup from my electric fuel pump output to the FlowScan 201B fuel flow meter. I needed to replace this with a single piece of tubing.

Voila - the result. I used an AN6 union to interface to the existing fuel line to the firewall.

And the new completed setup. Looks quite sharp - you can never tell the fuel flow sensor used to be here, except for the cutout in the fuel pump tray.

I popped a hole in the baffle for the wiring to the new fuel flow sensor.

Electronics International provides these slick wire splicers. They are tightened via a provided allen screw.

And the finished product.

Everything is tightened up...this sucker is ready for flight!

The last thing I found on the annual inspection is the top of my Filtered Airbox (FAB) was cracked. I decided to make a doubler out of some 032 (material the top of the FAB is made out of.

I might of gone a little crazy with the amount of rivets I used for the doubler, but I really don't want to work on this FAB anymore! It's been a constant source of issue at every annual.



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