[February 13, 2017]

Over a few flights this past summer I noticed my PS Engineering PMA700B Audio Panel has started to act a little funny. For example, I couldn't select COM2 to transmit on. Also, I couldn't deselect COM2 to receive on. And occasionally, COM1 and COM2 were both selected to transmit. A "reboot" of the audio panel usually fixed this. However, on my last flight to Alton Bay, the audio panel finally kicked the bucked and COM2 was not usable at all.

I was able to find a used PS Engineering PDA360EX on the classifieds at a reasonable price. I wasn't looking forward to swapping the audio panel out - I would have to rewire it from scratch as the old 7000B audio panel used MOLEX type connectors, and the 360EX used a new tray that was compatible with the Garmin 340 using high density DSUB connectors. I removed all of the wires from the old audio panel and labeled each of them.

I thought for sure I would need to extend most of my wires, however, I lucked out and only needed to extend the power and ground wires.

The new audio panel tray also used the same holes interfacing to the panel that the old one did. The swap out was much less painful than I originally thought it would be.

Boom! First try it fired up and all functionality checked out.

Version information in case I need it down the road.

Fully powered up center stack. Looks much better than its successor.

The coolest functionality of this new audio panel is Bluetooth connectivity. It allows me to make or receive calls through my headset, and also listen wirelessly to my music.

The last thing I did was cover everything with aluminum tape to protect it from any weather. So far, very happy with my new toy!



Last Modified: August 13, 2023