[June 4, 2016]

Today was the second try for Jim Thill's 4th Annual Cedar Meadows Fly In. Jack Savage and I flew in last year and both of us were immediately sold on the event. Fabulous grass runway, great food, awesome RV people. We arrived around 1pm due to clouds that were taking their sweet time burning off. Getting to Cedar Meadows from KDMW took a few extra turns around some low clouds and a transition through KFDK's airspace which warranted the controller to tell us to "Be Careful" as we requested a frequency change! As soon as we passed over Harpers Ferry the weather improved significantly and it was a wonderful RV filled day in WV. Jim had a great spread off food - pulled pork, baked beans, cole slaw ans brownies just to name a few items. There was barely enough time to eat with all of the activities and chatter going on at Cedar Meadows.

Jack loaded into Mike Reagan's RV-8 to participate as the GIB for the airshow / chicken drop.

A lot of smoke oil was consumed today.

The chicken drop was next up.

Wait a minute - what is that dropping out of the RV?

Under closer inception, I caught a rubber chicken recently released.

I don't even know where to begin with this caption for Vlad.

There were a good number of RV's at Jim's. I counted 14 total.

Bill was tired of being on the ground while the others frolicked in the air.

Bill joined up with the 3-ship that dropped chickens.

Great day at Cedar Meadows. Happy Birthday Jim -- how was the Heady Topper??



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