[May 16, 2016]

Tonight I started on the physical installation of the GTN650 in my panel - basically mounting the new tray and testing the fit. Immediately a slight modification needed to be made to my panel - I needed to file a slot on either side of the the GTN650.

The GTN650 has a set of alignment ears on either side of the unit which go through the slots.

Lucky me! I thought I'd have to move the mounting holes for the tray - however they used the exact same holes that the 430W did!

The fit is perfect. This is going a lot smoother than I thought it would.

This 6" 3/32" T-Bar Handle Allen Wrench proved to be super helpful to install and remove the avionics. Before I would use a cheap-o L style allen wrench. This style makes installing and removing the avionics a snap.

While the panel was out, I also decided to swap out my airspeed indicator. Nothing was wrong with my old one, except the outer markings were in MPH and not KTS.

I bought a used KTS ASI on VAF. Now everything is in kts.

I modified the 650 tray to screw into the support straps for the transponder tray.

Finally tonight I crimped some pins on the P4001 connector that are used to interface to the fan and the configuration module. I think I am completely finished with any panel modifications...onto the wiring tomorrow!



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