[November 8, 2015]

Earlier this week I received an email from Mike Draper coordinating a flight down the Hudson River SFRA corridor with a bunch of my New England friends. Plan was to meet at 44N (Sky Acres) at 0900 for breakfast then discuss the details of the flight. The trip up was fairly straightforward.

The trip up was relatively painless with a low headwind.

Our flight took us almost over West Point.

Can you tell who hasn't had coffee yet???

After a wonderful breakfast and a briefing on our flight, off we went. Here is Albit Gerald departing in his RV-3.

Agent Orange in his RV-7

Captain John in his RV-7.

Alfio in his RV-9A

We were carrying up the rear. We are approaching the Hudson River.

The flight back was pretty straightforward - south from 44N, through the Hudson SFRA, then a straightshop home with a slight deviation to avoid Philly airspace.

Alfio decided to pull WAY back the throttle as soon as he crossed the Tapan Zee bridge. Almost looks like we are formation flying!

Two helicopters to our right.

Lady Liberty.

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. All the other 12 RV's pulled a U-Turn to head home, while we kept going South to head back to Maryland.

The following are from Alfio's post on Van's Air Force.

The 16 of us (17 total including Shirley the camerawoman) who were about to depart. In no particular order and missing some names --- Chiparoo, Mikey, Noah, Captain John, Alfio, Steve, Mike Draper and Agent Orange.



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