[September 26, 2015]

Some great college friends of mine were getting together in Buffalo, NY this weekend. My choice was to drive 6 hours for the weekend of fun, or take the quick 1.5 hour flight. My friend lives south of Buffalo, and conveniently there is a small airport about 5 miles from his house. So it was set - the flight would be from KDMW to 9G0.

The route up there and back couldn't of been any simpler - straight line, with some mountains to pass with 2,500' peaks along the way in the north end of PA.

I was greeted with great gas prices at the pumps.

And in the air I was greeted by great tailwinds.

170 kts will make this trip super quick.

at 4,500' there was a scattered layer of clouds about 3,500' below me.

I was hauling valuable cargo with me - one of my few Pliny the Elder beers. Pliny has a BeerAdvocate.com perfect rating of 100. This stuff is good!

Getting into the mountainous terrain of PA. Not too many places to do an off-field landing around here.

Because of the terrain below me, I decided to go up to 6,500 to give me some more breathing room.

The view from 6,500' was spectacular. The clouds were some of the best I've seen yet in the RV.

After I was clear of the mountains and getting near Buffalo, I went back down to 2,000' to stay under the class C veil of Buffalo's airspace.

Buffalo Airport only had one other plane tied down on the ramp. It was a very nice airport with great pavement.

They don't mess around here when it comes to snow removal!

There was a new FBO under construction here. I did run into a few locals based here, and all of them were extremely friendly. It's a great airport that I hope to make it back to again.

Once the airplane was secured, I was whisked away to downtown Buffalo to enjoy some beers outside. The day was just perfect - 80 degrees and barely any clouds in the sky.

Can you tell if we had any fun?

We decided to get some culture on the trip and visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House Complex. Unfortunately, the tour we wanted was sold out, but it was nice to walk around the perimeter of the house. It's truly amazing this house was completed in 1905, and it has still has such a modern look.

After a day of eating great food and watching my friends drink beer, it was time to blast off for home. Weather once again was spectacular.

I decided to take some beer home with me. I am used to getting Growlers full of beer, but the Resurgence Brewing Company had a Canned Growler - or "Crowler" of beer to go. You simply let the bartender know what you want, she pours it into the can and then uses a device to attach the top of the can. Brilliant!

The view today was spectacular flying between the scattered layers,

Since I didn't really need ADS-B weather, I decided it was a good time to upgrade the firmware on my GDL-39 ADS-B Receiver.

The view just kept on getting better!

After I was clear of the mountains, I found a hole and went back down to 3,500' for the rest of the trip home. Great weekend! Great airplane!



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