[July 18, 2015]

I spent a good part of the afternoon in the hangar getting the airplane ready for Oshkosh. First was installing all of the fiberglass tips that were recently finished.

I think she looks 1000% better with the new parts finished up.

The gear legs looks phenomenal. I will need to work on the lower intersection fairings next.

It's been a while since you could see the floor reflected in the belly of the airplane. There was a fair amount of oil along the underside. Some Mean Green degreaser made the job relatively easy.

Next up was figuring out how to charge my laptop using the airplanes battery.

Amazon had a $15 75W inverter. Plenty of power for my 45W laptop charger.

The inverter is actually not too shabby for $15. It has two USB charging ports to boot!

I rolled the airplane out into the sun to make sure my solar panel I purchased for last years trip still worked.

With the inverter plugged in, I was holding 13.9V with bright sun. Nevermind the fact the voltmeter reads a negative number (My EE teachers would kill me!).

My buddy Peter lent me his GoPro gear. I am planning on having three cameras going for the arrival into Oshkosh tomorrow!



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