[July 11, 2015]

Damn! Still a slight leak!

I forgot that when I changed oil, in addition to putting on a new oil filter, I also changed the oil screen. It seems this could be my source of the oil drip. I removed the safety wire and tightened down on the plug. Crossing my fingers this fixes the issue.

The humidity was very low today, and the winds were nonexistent. I had a few hours to kill, so I sanded down my lower cowl and got her ready to be primed. When I originally "painted" the lower cowl, I ran out of NAPA 7220, so I used another primer instead. So for the last 5 years, I have ran around with a two-toned cowl. This changes today!

After a can of 7220, it looked pretty darn good!

Wow! It's like a new airplane! No bugs on the wings, and a cowl that looks SWEET!

We had a visitor on the ramp today at KDMW. There wasn't a TFR up, so it wasn't the POTUS or VPOTUS. However, someone important enough to take up a Sikorsky VH-60Ns.

It was guarded well by two marines with M16's in hand (standing by the FBO's golf cart). The interesting thing is they kept the engines on the entire time I was there.



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