[July 9, 2015]

My friend Peter let me know there was a slight oil drip coming from my cowling. Over the past week and a half, it has accumulated this puddle.

There was barely any drips coming off of the cowl. I couldn't easily tell where the drip was coming from -- my two guesses were the quick drain valve on the oil sump, or the oil filter.

I took the top cowl off hoping I could figure out the issue without taking off the bottom half. Right away I saw something definitely wrong -- When I put the cowl back on, I forgot to plug the left spark plug wires into the EMAG.

The oil on the lower cowl were limited to the aft section.

It took a while to find the culprit, but it was the oil filter - there was a slight drip on the bottom of it. I turned it another 1/8 of a turn to snug her up and re-applied safety wire.

While the bottom cowl was off, something didn't look right with the alternate air cable.

Damn! The cable broke again! Second time since my annual, and I have barely put any hours on the airplane this year. I will have to re-engineer this, as it is costing me $45 every time I want to replace it!

Next up was installing the new Kroger XL Sunshade I bought a few weeks ago. The first step was drawing a line down the outside center of the canopy. I stretched some 1/8" OD tubing down the centerline and marked it with a sharpie marker.

I then applied tape to it, centered on the sharpie marker lines.

I bent the guide frame to the contour of the outside of the canopy.

I was very happy with how close I got the shape - damn near perfect.

Inside the airplane, I cleaned the canopy and removed the protector on the double sided tape and applied the guide frame. It fit perfectly.

I installed the wire guides and then the shade itself. It seems to fit perfectly!

Retracted it takes up nearly no space.

I thought something looked out of place in the back of my hangar as I got ready to leave. A RV-8 Van's cowling looks to be stored in my hangar. Is my airplane lonely and trying to build a friend??



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