[June 7, 2015]

Today's weather was perfect for flying - mild temperatures an low surface winds. Our destination today was Tangier Island, VA (KTGI) to grab some soft crabs and have a day on the beach.

Were you all expecting beer in this cooler? All ice and ice-packs to keep the catch of the day cold for the ride home.

My new OAT probe came from GRT. $85 is a bit on the steep side for this, but I don't really have a lot of choices except to bitch about it on my blog... I noticed there were some slight differences between this probe and the original one. This probe has gray and black wires coming from it, where the original one had two white wires. Also, the heat shrink length coming out of the sensor is shorter.

I wired it up quickly to test that my issue was indeed an OAT sensor malfunction.

Fixed! That was simple and expensive enough... I seriously don't know why this sensor failed. Under the wing is not a hostile environment.

It was overcast at about 4,000' around Baltimore, but the visibility was outstanding.

We cut through KMTN's class D airspace. The ATIS indicated the runway was closed due to an incident. There were some safety vehicles tending to an airplane. Looks like the airplane is intact.

Lots of boats off of Middle River.

Hart Miller island looked pretty tame for a Sunday afternoon. This place is typically more hopping.

My lovely girlfriend accompanied me. Her last time to Tangier was in December.

Oh, looks like a milestone is coming up today - the big 300!

We had a slight headwind going down to Tangier.

The skies started to break up the further south we got. This is looking over the southern eastern shore of MD.

Closer to Tangier the skies were completely blue. These are some islands north of Tangier.

And the small island of Tangier in front of us.

Our hunt for fresh soft crabs was not successful. The lady at the airport recommended we look for "Mike and Liz" in town. While we didn't find them, a person who runs tours indicated we need to look for "a house with a lot of garbage in the front yard north of the airport". If they had soft crabs, there would be a sign out front. We located what we thought was the house, but I wasn't about to buy soft crabs from them!

While our hunt was unsuccessful, we did find this Fiddler Crab.

And these horseshoe crabs on the beach.

The beach on Tangier is amazing. Very big and not populated. Looking north there wasn't a soul to be seen.

Same looking south. The bugs on the beach can be absolutely brutal, especially the green flies. Bring bug spray if you visit!

Yours truly taking a swim in the bay.

A shipwreck.

Small pieces of the metal ship were scattered along the shoreline.

Back at the airport for the trip home. Very few people were here today.

A Super Decathalon was taking off when we got to the airport.

The island on takeoff. Great day on the beach!

W00T! 300 hours! It's hard to believe I have had the RV for nearly 5 years, and it's been almost 10 years since I started building her. She's been a blast to fly, maintain and upgrade, and she's never let me down.

The winds were quite favorable on the way home.

172 kts! A solid 30 kts faster on the way back than the way down. I stopped by Clearview Airport (2W2) on the way back to see if the pilot shop was still open to grab some oil. I must of just missed the owner as he left. A quick jump back to Westminster and we were back home.



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