[February 7, 2015]

The weather forecasted for today was great - high 40's...not too shabby for mid-February. I think last year this time it was in the single digits. Our destination today was Luray, VA (KLUA). Within about a mile of the airport is Luray Caverns, the largest cavern in the east coast.

The flight path down was quite simple - past Fredrick, then to Winchester, VA, Front Royal, and finally to Luray. About 40 minutes in the air total.

This is Lake Linganore, just east of Frederick, MD.

We haven't had much snow this year, and the little bit we have had for the most part has melted away.

At 3,600', there was a nice headwind.

About 40 minutes after takeoff, we were safely on the ground in Luray. The airport manager, Doug, picked us up promptly and took us over to the caverns.

The caverns are quite spectacular. Stalagmites and stalactites galore!

This was cool - there is a pong in the caves, which offered a perfect reflection of the stalactites.

This rock formation was so thin light could easily pass through it. The tour guide nicknamed this formation "Virginia Bacon". Mmmmm...bacon.

Each rock formation has a certain frequency associated with it. Back in the 50's, someone wired up an organ to the rocks and it plays "the cave".

More interestingly names rock formations - this was called an egg or an oyster on the halfshell.

Good news is the cafe onsite has beer! Bad news is I am flying! So I purchased the next best thing. It was actually quite good.

Luray is in the valley of the Shenandoah region of Virginia. It's was extremely picturesque.

Boom! Back in the air and I have a sweet tailwind!

Booking across the ground at 170 kts.

I suppose this is considered a selfie.

It was nice and warm at altitude also - 41 degrees.

The day was just perfect to be flying. The skies were beautiful.

Crossing the Potomac river heading north.

We flew pack Ski Whitetail. The lines looked long today.

The front side of Ski Liberty.

And the backside of Ski Liberty. This is the usual slope I visit - only about 45 minutes from where I live. Not all that great, but better than nothing!



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