[December 26, 2014]

On Christmas Eve, my father and brother got talking about what to do the day after Christmas. The weather was supposed to be great, and my Dad got a gift certificate to Pintail Point - a sporting clay venue on the Eastern Shore of MD. While it would of been about an hour drive to get there, we decided loading the shotgun in the RV would be more fun. The 12 gauge Benelli fits snug!

We had a blast shooting. Here my Dad is.

The lefty, my Brother.

And last and least, yours truly. This can be a very humbling sport!

Ah, back to something I am good at! The flights today were just perfect.

Temps at 2,000' were great too - 45 degrees! Not too shabby for the end of December. I'm sure we'll pay for this shortly.

Last pic of the trip approaching KMTN nearing Hart-Miller Island.



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