[November 28, 2014]

Today was the day after thanksgiving and the weather for flying seemed perfect. As much as I'd like to go shopping with all of the other millions of Black Friday deal seekers, I restrained myself and headed to the airport. Today's destination is Williamsburg, VA (KJGG). Williamsburg was recommended to me by fellow pilots because of their outstanding food at the on-field restaurant. The course down there was simple enough, sticking to the east side of the SFRA. My meal-ticket, I mean passenger for the day was my Dad.

Filling up at the airport before the flight brought a surprise - the fuel price has dropped drastically!

Over Towson, MD - I can only imagine how hellish the crowds at that mall have to be today.

It was chilly up at 2,000' - 27 degrees.

We did have a nice tailwind of 20 kts!

Passing over KMTN, that's Heart Miller Island. It is a man-made island of fill dirt from the upper Chesapeake bay shipping channel.

Nice day to be in the air.

The James Islands. If you look closely, you can see a trail of sediment coming off of the tips of the island. My bet is the tide was going out at the time.

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Fun facts about this plant - 1) My grandfather helped design it. 2) it uses 1.2 million gallons per minutes of water from the bay to cool it. 3) It doesn't have the traditional cooling towers of a normal nuclear plant because it uses the Bay water, and doesn't return it to the bay at its original temperature.

Williamsburg airport. The food was fantastic. I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich!

The airport was mighty quite. Only 2 other airplanes on the ramp.

To keep things scenic, we came home around the west side of the SFRA. It was only about 10 minutes longer.

On the way back we passed near the Dickerson Power Generation Station. This power plant runs on either coal, oil or natural gas. It is adjacent to the Potomac river, and uses the river water to generate steam and for cooling. An interesting use of the exiting water is in 1991 an Olympic whitewater training course was made (Dickerson Whitewater Course).

Heading back to KDMW, the ground was becoming more snow covered. Great day with the RV!



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