[October 6, 2014]

I couldn't resist going to the hangar tonight. I has no idea if my method for re-aligning the wingtip would work or not. I couldn't stay at home in peace not knowing. Upon my arrival and removal of all of the clamps, I got the best news possible of the night - the trailing edge of the wingtip is PERFECTLY aligned with the trailing edges of the aileron and flaps. Huge deal. I was worried what I would need to do if this did not work.

The lower portion of the wingtip moved inboard slightly.

After a quick trim, the 1/4" gap between the aileron and the wingtip was restored.

I couldn't just leave the airplane with one wingtip more or less perfect. I decided to cut apart the right wingtip tonight. Notice my enthusiasm for how much fun it is to cut these apart.

The right wingtip trailing edge sliced apart.

I got creative on this wingtip and used additional support to make sure the trailing edge would turn out straight.

Looks good so far.

Everything epoxied, clamped and ready to cure. I am crossing my fingers this side turns out as well as the left side did.



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