[June 15, 2014]

Before I get to the writeup of the story, I wanted to show every the awesome RV-1 poster my buddy Bruce Swayze sent me. I really appreciate it Bruce! It looks awesome.

I told my Dad I would fly him anywhere he wanted for Fathers Day. We went around to a few of the places we have been before, but we wanted something different. I came up with a plan to fly through the SFRA and fly over his hours, then over my brothers house in Annapolis. Finally, we would end up at Kentmorr Airpark (3W3) - my first grass field landing! This is the route we took through the SFRA. Getting through was a piece of cake as always.

A pic of my parents farm.

It was severely clear today. It was so odd to actually see Washington DC from the air.

Zoomed in you can clearly see the Washington Monument. We were about 14nm from downtown DC. Off to the left you can see Reagan Airport (KDCA).

Flying over Annapolis with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background. On the point (Greenbury Point), there are three radio antennas known as NSS Annapolis. There were originally used for sub communications (Full Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSS_Annapolis). In their hayday, they pumped out 1,000,000 watts of power! While unused today, they remain up for historical reasons and they also act as a great landmark for ship navigation.

Over top of the Naval Academy.

We found my brothers house too.

Looking South on Kent Island.

I successfully pulled off landing on the soft field. There wasn't much to it, and it was very enjoyable. I definitely should of landed on grass before.

The end of the runway overlooks the bay.

Looks like a car carrier coming up the bay.

And another carrier.

The three aforementioned towers.

I have officially used all three transportaion methods to get to Kentmorr Restaurant!

Great place for the $100 hamburger.

The had a really sweet outdoor section with a beach and a bar. Looks like this could be a really fun spot.

Looking out the inlet. Lots of boats here for Fathers Day.

The marina was very full of boats.

While we were at lunch 2 Cessna 172's showed up.

This LSA landed as we were getting ready to go.

Back home safe, I noticed a souvenir from the grass runway! Awesome day to spend with my Father.



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