[December 27, 2013]

Today I promised to take my cousin Gabrielle for a flight somewhere fun. As easy as this task may sound, it was hard to try to plan a fun place to go. In my favor was severely clear skies in all directions. I finally determined that taking a trip to Groton, CT (KGON) would be a great day trip.

This is Gabrielle's first trip in my airplane. She seems pretty psyched!

We went high on the way up - cruising at 7,500'. We had an awesome tailwind pushing us across the ground at about 200 kts. It took us about 1.25 hours to make it up tot Groton. This is us coming up on NYC.

Downtown NYC.

Sandy Hook, NJ over to the right.

Cruising along the Connecticut shoreline with an outstanding view over the Long Island Sound.

Our approach into Groton, CT (KGON)

Safely on the ground.

After we landed we lucked out by grabbing the only crew car KGON had. KGON is a top notch facility (specifically Mystic Jet Services). Free crew car with fuel purchase. Gabrielle and I arrived much earlier than we expected so we had some extra time to burn. We shot up to Foxwoods casino eager to play blackjack. After searching for the "Cheap" $10 minimum tables we settled in to try our luck. Today was our day because we both walked out with a respectable profit in hand! Next stop was lunch in Mystic, CT. Gabrielle is a Vegan, so I found a Vegan pizza place for her to enjoy. On the way to Mystic from the casino, we coincidentally drove by my good friends rental place from when he live in Mystic. A lot of good memories took place in this house from my many trips up here over the years.

Pizetta (http://www.pizzettamystic.com/ was our destination. My Philly Cheese Steak pizza was amazing, and so was Gabrielle's. This place is a must-visit.

There was no way we could consume all of the food we ordered. To-go it was.

I have an obsession with beer. While drinking and flying don't mix, buying-and-flying do!

I am quite happy with my purchase!

Our sweet crew car. As to be expected, the check engine light was on solid. I don't think I've ever experienced a crew car that didn't have the CEL on!

Loading up the precious cargo.

One last pic in Groton. Time to head home.

We stayed low to keep the headwinds to a minimum. This took us to travel down the Hudson River Corridor next to NYC. Gabrielle couldn't believe this was possible

We did a circle around the Statue of Liberty - a first time for both of us. What an experience!

I think Gabrielle had a good time!!!

Back safely on the ground at KDMW, I noticed some strange oil streaking around the oil door. When I opened it up, nothing looked out of the ordinary and there was plenty of oil in the sump. I didn't have time to check it out now, but I will investigate further before my next flight.

Here's a video with some in flight footage of our adventure!



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