[December 7, 2013]

I traced a portion of the the existing wheelpants brackets on some stainless 4130 steel. The .063" brackets has too much flex in it, which causes a lot of play in the wheelpants.

I drilled about a dozen holes and secured it to the existing bracket.

I needed to use countersunk rivets on the outboard edge to prevent any interference with the brake rotor.

A blurry picture of the finished product. This worked fantastically! The wheelpants were 100% more securely mounted than they used to be.

I bought a new toy...a 2013 (new) Nexus 7 tablet. The main draw to this was the brightness of the screen -- 550 nits! I got this refurbished on a Cyber Monday deal that I couldn't resist. I am running Garmin Pilot which seems to be a great mapping software package. The brightness is fantastic. I flew for over 1.5 hours today in all directions without the sun compromising the display.

I needed some parts for when I modify the other wheelpants so I flew down to Clearview airport (2W2). Clearview has an interesting runway - 1,500' long, narrow with trees on the end. The gusty wind today made it extra interesting. Always a fun place to land at, and it's nice there's a nearby airport with a great parts counter.

I was bored so I went up to 8,000' to do some speed tests. 172kts was the fastest I could get the RV up to...just shy of 200 MPH. My trim is still way out of wack, so I think I need to concentrate on that to reduce my overall drag. I need to run my RV with almost full right trim to fly straight.



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