[August 10, 2013]

My friend Peter came over to the hangar today because he needed some help on his trim tab for his RV-8. Honestly, I am probably the worst person to talk to about making trim tabs, since it took me three tries. However, I did have thicker piano hinge material which was helpful to Peter. After some frustration, we decided to give up on the trim tab for now and do some flying!

Smoketown, PA (S37) was holding their annual fly-in today. Peter got this awesome pic of me on base for 28.

Another picture from Peter of us on the ground.

The fly-in was from 8am until 3pm - we arrived at 2pm and most of the planes had already left.

I'm a sucker for the Piper Cub.

This was one of the two RV's left on the field. I really liked the paint job. All of the rivets were filled on the empannage, giving it a look like it was constructed of composites.

He had a nice hidden hinge pin on the front of the cowl. Everything was done right on this RV.

The fly-in had a lot of activities for kids.

We checked out this slick Mustang II with folding wings.

I didn't catch who made this lightweight airplane, but I was shocked at how quiet the engine was.

The airport gave out free t-shirts to any PIC who flew in! Can't beat that souvenir!



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