[August 4, 2013]

It was the perfect summer day to hang out at the airport and work on the RV.....actually, it was the perfect summer day to be flying! 75 degrees, no humidity and nice white puffy clouds. Anyways, I have been wanting to mount my 696 for a few weeks now, and today was a good day to do so. It beats a 100 degree day!

I purchased a RAM Garmin 696 mount. I am planning on reusing some of the RAM mounting brackets I used for the ipad.

The RAM mount is quite nice. The Garmin 696 fits like a glove in it.

Doh! The case doesn't fit over the RAM mount. Not the end of the world, but it would of been nice.

The RAM mounts interferes on the top and bottom with the cover.

Hmmmm...what are the chances the 4 tapped mounting holes on the back of the 696 align with the RAM mounting ball I have?

100% Alignment! I was shocked. I never luck out like this.

Before I continued on with the 696 mount, I wanted to work on my iPad mini mount. So far I have been using a full-sized iPad. It works well, but it is large and always in the way. Plus it takes up a lot of room on the passenger size. I decided to mount mine on the left side of the cockpit, on the center section side bulkheads. When I built the RV, I put in three nutplates on either side to mount future things.

I needed to countersink the back of the RAM ball adapter for this plate.

Mounting plate in place, and the iPad mini secured using the Ram Tab-Tite mount (RAM-HOL-TAB12U). I also use the following RAM parts:

* RAM 2.43" x 1.31" Diamond Base with 1" Ball (RAM-B-238U )
* RAM Short Double Socket Arm for 1" Ball Bases. Overall Length: 2.38" (RAM-B-201U-A)
* RAM Double Socket Arm for 1" Ball Bases. Overall Length: 3.69" (RAM-B-201U)
* RAM 2.5" Round Base with the AMPs Hole Pattern & 1" Ball (RAM-B-202 )
* RAM Double 1" Ball Adapter (RAM-B-230U)

Seems to work great with my iPad mini in its case.

Next up was mounting the 696. I thought putting it between the pilot and passenger seats was the best place. However, I needed to make some angle brackets connecting the bottom of the throttle mounting plate to the subpanel to support it.

The mount turned out great! I also hard wired in the power to the avionics bus. We're cookin' now!

My new panel! I am very happy with how it turned out. I went for a test flight and did some 0.5 hours of aerobatics in the RV. Everything stayed put! Great day working on the RV and a ton of work accomplished! I can't wait for my next cross country!



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