[January 5, 2013]

Happy 2013! Today was a nice day outside (40 degrees), so I made the most out of it and worked on the annual while the temps were bearable. I started out the day by running the engine up to temps in order to do a compression test. Compression on all cylinders were great. The lowest one was 77/80, the highest was 79/80. I'm happy with those numbers. Everything on the firewall-forward looked great. The only adjustment I had to make was to the alternator because the belt had stretches some.

This is the part of the annual I loathe the most - taking off all of the inspection panels. Luckily using my 18V cordless Dewalt drill made it easier. Still a lot of screws to remove.

One thing I wanted to fix in this annual was how the grip was attached to the stick. The method I used was a screw just pushing against the metal stick. However, on some landings I've noticed the grip move slightly. This isn't good, so I decided to drill a hole in the stick and allow the screw in the grip to penetrate the stick, giving a positive lock between the grip and the stick. You can see in this pic where the paint is worn off when the grip has rotated.

Drilling the stick wasn't the easiest task in the world, only because I didn't want the drill bit to go into the stick due to it possibly hitting the wires within.

The hole int he stick did the trick to secure the grip to the stick, however, the grip was loose on the stick. I globbed some RTV on the stick and re-installed the grip. This should hopefully give a better mate between the grip and the control stick.



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