[December 23, 2012]

I received the new oil temperature sensor from GRT and decided to install it today. For the record, this will be the 4th sensor I have installed. I wanted to get to the bottom of why I have had all of these sensor issues. Turns out, it's not an isolated case with just me - GRT has had a bunch of failed oil temp sensors. Greg @ GRT explained to me that they finally figured out the epoxy they used to hold the sensor into the brass housing was contaminated with water. When the oil temp sensor would heat up, the water would expand causing cracks to happen, and the sensor to be pushed out of the brass housing. Sure enough, with this sensor I could see the top cracked off.

The new sensor looks like it uses a new epoxy. It isn't hard like the old sensor. I am hopeful this is the last oil temp sensor I have to install!

After about an hour, the new sensor is in!

And it seems to work well right off the bat - 76 degrees is measured.

I spend most of my day working on fixing some bad vibrations I have been getting in the GoPro camera. I think there is a bunch of vibrations being induced because the camera is only mounted at its bottom, leaving the top to vibrate. I build a bracket to secure the top of the camera.

The results were surprisingly good! I think I need to re-engineer the bracket since it's looking like Frankenstein. I snapped this great sunset pic heading back to the airport.

My camera didn't capture it, but it was one hell of a sunset once I got on the ground. Great day to be in the air!



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