[August 18, 2012]

I called up Grand Rapids Technology and they said they would ship me a new sensor free! All I needed to cover was shipping. They said I should try to secure the wire closer to the sensor to reduce vibrations. It took about a week for the sensor to show up, so I just got around to installing it today. I secured the wire on the back of the tach cover. It was the only place I could attach it to which was closer. Let's hope this fixes the oil temp sensor going up on me!

Next up was checking out the upper intersection fairings. It took a little work to get these separated from the fuselage, but eventually they popped down the gear leg fairings.

The aft section looked great.

The front section not so much. The micro looks like it puddled up, causing somewhat of a gap. I ended up removing all of the micro with the dremel tool.

I made two marks with a sharpie marker. The right most mark is the continuation of the aft edge of the gear leg fairing. The left mark is 1" from the right mark -- a cut line for how to remove the intersection fairing.

I cut the fairing with some tin snips and it came off easily.

I needed to build up the aft end of the intersection fairings. I used some model clay to come up with a basic shape.

And then glassed over it.

I did the same for the other side, I used some plastic clamps to make sure trailing edge stays tight to the fairing and doesn't peal up.



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