[July 31, 2012]

I remade the top of the airbox out of some 063. This time I used a bandsaw which I had in the basement of my new house (well new since the RV was finished). Wow! Using a bandsaw made this project quite easy.

I also made a doubler out of 0.064.

The idea is the doubler will be riveted to the top of the airbox cover.

Like so.

The bottom of the airbox cover needs to be flat, so I used countersunk rivets. These are the first rivets I have set in a very long time!

Boom! First perfect.

Another item I wanted to address on the engine was trying to get it to have lower CHT's. I think I have some leaks between the baffles and the plenum. So I taped and waxed the baffles.

I noticed the tape I put on the front of the #1 and #2 cylinders was cracked and not looking all that great. I decided to replace it just in case. I need to get on it and make these permanent out of aluminum.

I put a bunch of red RTV between the baffles and the plenum. Hopefully this lowers my CHT's some! I also wanted to get to re-aligning the gear leg fairings tonight but I just ran out of time.



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