[January 28, 2012]

Time to get some of the dust off of the RV! The last day I flew her was on New Years eve, and I had one of the worst landings ever then. While I was up, a front came through earlier than expected. When I was landing, the winds were 21 gusting to 28 on a direct crosswind to the runway. Needless to say, I pulled off the landing. The landing did give me a lot of confidence in the RV's crosswind ability as well as my own!

Today I was off to Coatesville, PA to give someone a ride who contracted me through my email. It was a great day and Coatesville has a good restaurant.

Ever since my annual, my slip has been out about a balls-width. The only thing I can think of that would cause this is I adjusted the tailwheel's linkage during the annual. Perhaps the tailwheel isn't lined up perfectly with the rudder? That's the only thing I can figure.

My oil temps are a bit on the low side. I might need to block off more of the oil cooler.

It was just a great day to fly.

The RV grin? This is an amazing airplane.

Coming back home the clouds were just awesome.



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