[May 31, 2011]

I decided to work on making a mount for the iPad in the cockpit. I decided to go with the RAM mounting kit and I used the 1.5" balls. I made an adapter plate out of some 090 from work.

I countersunk the bottom for some #10 screws. That is why I really needed the 090. 063 would of been on the thin side for countersinking that deep.

And here is where I decided to mount it. I used the existing screws from the floor pans.

Looks great! I am super happy with how this mount turned out. It doesn't interfere with my legs or the controls. Now when a passenger is in, it might be a different story.

Here are all of the pieces. I got the extra long mount. I believe it is 7-9".

I have been really concerned with the idle issue I have with my engine. The other day I noticed a slight hesitation when I entered into the pattern at Fallston. I decowled the engine and did a thorough inspection of all fuel and electrical connections. I couldn't find any blue die indicating there was a fuel leak somewhere.

Something else I saw the other day was my fuel flow went up to 20 GPH on takeoff. I have an alarm for high fuel flow in case of a leak somewhere.

Looks like my engine is sagging a little.

So I read on the VAF forums that an induction leak can cause the engine to run funny. I went around and tightened the clamps holding the rubber tubing on. The clamps for the #2 cylinder were a little on the loose side. Next I pulled the RV outside and gave it a test run. It performed perfectly. Idle was fantastic. So I am guessing I had a minor air leak on the induction side. It makes total sense to me. Hopefully Friday I will be able to take her up for a test.



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