[May 13, 2011]

It has been about two months since I had last touched the gear leg fairings. Work and school have just been eating up every moment of free time. The last time I worked on these, I accidentally riveted the hinges on backwards on the left side. Yup, the hing eyelets were facing forward instead of aft. And you guessed it, I prosealed it then too. So I needed to drill out 40 rivets set in proseal. What a mess. No wonder I didn't work on it for two months.

With that lesson behind me, I made sure to install the hinges correctly onto the fairings. I did use proseal in order to keep the rivets from working themselves loose from the fiberglass. Proseal is really one of the best adhesives out there. It was a nice 60 degree night in the garage. Perfect temp for the proseal to not be too stiff. In no time I had the hinges riveted on.

The weather looks like it is going to be terrible for the next couple of days, so hopefully I will be able to finish these suckers up and get them installed on the RV to get a few extra knots of speed!



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