[March 26, 2011]

Today I had two goals. Do some CG testing and also finish my 40 hours. On the way to the airport this morning, I also realized I could possibly finish my 40 hours and have a few hours of daylight left. I called up my Dad and asked him if I finished my 40, did he want a ride. Sure enough he was game. I told him I would see how things went and give him a buzz in the early afternoon.

Luckily my roommate is big into weigh training and had a lot of weights. I loaded up the passenger seat with 230 Lbs. These weights really aren't ideal because of how slippery they are and how they don't want to stay together. Combined with the seatbelt and some climbing webbing, I was able to get them fairly secure.

It was just awesome out today. Light winds on the ground, although really variable. My landings really stunk today. The runway must of had some strange thermals coming off of it.

Headwinds were a bit high at 7800', but hey, I had nothing but time to burn off.

After the passenger weight test, I added 100 lbs of baggage in addition to the 230 lb passenger.

Finally I unloaded the passenger and put another 20 lbs in the baggage compartment. My weight and balance show I can have up to 130 lbs of baggage with a 180 lb pilot. I also installed the stick for the passenger.

This flight had all kinds of traffic. This is a South African Airways 747. I actually descended to give him some room. I doubt he appreciated my actions. I also was pretty close to a continental RJ. I am sure ATC love the fact I can fly high, and fly in the opposite direction of all the aircraft approaching BWI.

Ski Whitetail looks pretty closed.

Boom! 40.0 hours. I planned it perfectly that it clicked over right as I landed into KDMW.

My Dad show up shortly after I landed and we did a quick flight over to York (KTHV) for a quick dinner. It was great to be able to share the first flight with him. He was a big help in the build of the airplane, not to mention getting to where I am in life now. 40.8 hours on the hobbs now. I had a very tiring 5 hours of flight today!



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