[February 19, 2011]

Today it was extremely windy outside - 30 gusting to 50 kts. However, it was nice and warm outside. Perfect day to do work in the hangar. This was a long ass day working on the wheelpants. A majority of the day was spent on my knees on the dirty cold hangar floor.

The first thing I did was install the wheelpants brackets from Van's onto the axles.

Next I wanted to join the two halves of the wheelpants together. The top is the easiest to join since there is a seem line.

To align the bottom I clamped my 24" ruler to the bottom of the rear half of the wheelpants.

With the top aligned, I clecoed together the sides of the wheelpants.

Top is in alignment still..time to drill the halves together.

I was fighting with how best to align the wheelpants with the airplane. The lower aft end of the wheelpants needs to be about 2" off of the ground. with the airplane on the wingjacks and the fuselage level, that was tough to determine. I assembled my new engine hoist (deal @ harbor freight) and lifted the front of the airplane up by the engine mount. The airplane was slightly heavy on its left wing because that wing had more fuel in it. So I put a bag of sand on the right wing to make it balanced.

I snapped a chalk line down the centerline of the fuselage to align the wheelpants with.

I also drilled out some holes on the wheelpants brackets to just #40's now. They will eventually be opened up to #19's for screws, but I wanted to start small for now.

I was planning on drilling the pants to the brackets tonight but I was just way too tired. I decided it was better for me to run home and get some rest. Tomorrow my head would be clearer.



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