[February 12, 2011]

Over the past week I have been working at home making some jackstands for the wings. I started out with a pair of 3 ton Harbor Freight jacks, and made some supports out of electrical conduit. Notice also the broomstick holders I used to attach the handles to the base. No expense was spared...

I cut the top of the jacks off with an angle grinder and then drilled them out and rounded it out with a wheel grinder.

I made these out of 3/8-16 bolts. They will screw into the tiedown points on the wing bottoms, then sit in the hole on the top of the jackstands.

Test of the jackstands!

Wheels off the ground! They really drag in as they are lifted.

Tail also got VERY light. I needed some weight to keep her from nosing over.

Wheelpants time!

I aligned the center up with some tread marks on the tire, then made marks to show how wide the cutout should be.

After a few iterations, the front and back were fit. I don't know why I drug my feet so long to get these installed. They haven't been that much work so far.

The inside needs to be cut out too to make room for the gear leg.

The right side was way easier because I just copied everything from the left side.

Finally I made these two "washers" out of 1/4" thick stock. They will be epoxied to the inside face of the front wheelpants, to act as some bulk to screw into the axel.



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