[March 7, 2007]

OK, I was bragging last week this time about how warm it was. Well. Muva nature kicked me all this week. It snowed 3" today, which on top of the garage room keeps it nice and cold.

Van's is nice enough to give you these 0.040" sheets precut for the aileron doublers.

Clamp them down...I made a line in the middle of the long edge (2.75") of the doubler and lined it up with the middle holes on the spar.

Next drill em out.

Another screwup in the plane....Shows the A-407-L bracket, but tells you its a A-407-R.

Next I drilled the brackets out to a #12 for a AN3 bolt.

Van's tells you to debur, prime and rivet the doublers on now, but that would mean an extra priming session. I don't see any reason why I can't just get all of this done and prime it all in one big batch. All the parts are held together tight, and I deburred the holes that could cause fit issues. I decided to built on, but YMMV.

After a little fighting with everything, I was able to get the aileron assembled. Quick reward with little time tonight!



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